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The COVID Guard Fund is committed to helping institutions in urgent need of masks. Please fill out the form below if you or an organization you know is in urgent need of masks and cannot afford to purchase.


How do I know if we qualify for donations?

Donations are for hospitals, healthcare workers, and first responders. Due to the limited time we have to verify who actually needs donations, we are not accepting requests from any individuals or essential businesses. 

If I submit a request, how long will it take to get masks?

We typically respond within 1-2 days after receiving a request. If we have enough masks available, donations will be shipped out the next day.

How do you determine who is prioritized for donations?

We try our best to distribute masks to those in need first. Hospitals that are treating COVID-19 patients and have a mask shortage will be prioritized. Public safety departments and healthcare workers in cities that are hit hard will also have priority.

Can I request masks for myself if I cannot afford to purchase?

Unfortunately, we cannot donate to individuals or essential businesses since we have no way to verify who really needs masks and cannot afford to purchase.

Can I submit a request for someone else?

Yes, if you know of a hospital, health care facility, or public safety department in need, you can submit a request for them. Please include a contact name, phone number, and email address that we can reach them at.

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